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Choosing the Right Core i3 Laptop

Have you made up your mind into getting a Core i3 laptop? Well then congratulations on your choice. The Core i3 is actually one of the best processors to have for a laptop notebook and it is the entry level processor in the latest family in the Intel lineup, the other two being the mid Core i5 and the high ... Read More »

The Effects of Having a Broken Laptop

If you recently had a broken laptop it is almost a priority to purchase a brand-new one, but finding the right one can be difficult especially if money is an issue. The best option is finding laptops under 400 that can do the job that is required without costing a large amount of money. The first thing that is required ... Read More »

Internet Explorer 7 problems

So you think that everything was going to be great and all will work fine when you upgraded to Internet Explorer 7and all your web browsing problem will be gone? but despite having the latest and stable version of Internet Explorer 7 problems still occurs, such as: Internet Explorer  temporarily hangs up while loading certain webpages such as those that ... Read More »

Facts about Quad Core and Dual Core Processors

Dual core and quad core processors are all the rage at the moment and both companies are advocating the need for these new processors as according to their marketing departments two processors can do more than one, and four … well, you get the point. But at the risk of repeating myself, although some things obviously need repeating, don’t expect ... Read More »