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How to Fix Windows Security Reporting Antivirus Programs

My friend recently uninstalled his two previous antivirus (McAfee and Norton). He said that after he completely uninstalled both AV’s, His Windows Security Center still reported that those programs are still installed on his machine. What I did first was to check if there is anything running on the background but could not find any traces of any of the ... Read More »

How to Solve Your XP Memory Low Problem

A friend of mine reach up to me and ask for some advice on how he can solve his memory low problem on his old Pentium 4 machine. When this problem appears he can’t use his computer, all he can do is close other programs or restart the computer which is very disturbing especially when you are in a middle ... Read More »

PCRemiX – Back from the Grave!

As you have all notice my site has been suspended and down for 4 days, according to my host it is because of high resources primarily the CPU and RAM usage, they said that my site has gone past their limit on the allotted resources on every account. This type of problem is very common to webmasters with websites hosted ... Read More »

Motherboard, CPU and RAM Repair Flowchart

Are you getting a blank screen when you open your computer? There are certain components  that can cause your computer for not getting a live screen.  The best thing that you can do is to find  the failing hardware, but how can you do that? well, the flowchart below will help you diagnose and determine what exactly is causing the ... Read More »

How to troubleshoot Blue Screen of Death – Memory Dump Errors

I guess you are familiar with the Blue Screen of Death. Then maybe you are also familiar with the memory dump error displayed on the blue screen. But what on earth is Memory Dump? Memory dump or more exactly windows stop errors are NT-type issues that are usually caused by hardware problems. These are rather confusing type of errors as ... Read More »