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How To Easily Change Windows Registered Owner

Here is a very quick and easy guide on how you can change the Windows registered owner. I’m sure this trick will not be that useful for most windows users but it can be handy if you got a machine from somebody else and don’t want or don’t have the proper knowledge to perform windows installation. Open your registry editor ... Read More »

How to Change The Default Location For Installing Applications

When you install a certain software or game it normally installs them to the default location of installed programs which is C:\Program Files. Most application installer gives you the option to change the location where you will place the software, but some applications don’t give you the luxury to do that. You may want to change the program installer location ... Read More »

How to Remove Worm MyMP3.vbs

MyMP3.vbs is a worm that spreads itself through USB devices. This worm usually infects Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003 machines. So I guess Vista machines are safe from this infection. This virus creates a folder icon named MyMP3.vbs. This worm sets itself to your autorun files so that it can spread easily. Unfortunately some antiviruses can’t remove ... Read More »

How to Remove Huelar.exe (mscvhost.exe, winlogos.exe) virus

One of my regular blog reader ask for some advice on how can he remove huelar virus. He said that the only way he knows to remove that pesky virus is to reformat the PC. He ask  if there is any possible and alternative way on removing this virus without the need to reformat the PC. Well my friend here ... Read More »

How to Make your Windows XP Shutdown Much Faster

One of the inconveniences that XP brings is it sometimes takes a lifetime before it fully shuts down. You may be wondering why I still post topics on XP, it is because there are still a lot of people that are still using XP on their computers, and I guess some of them are experiencing the eternal shutdown problem on ... Read More »

How to Fix Stop Error 0x0000007E After Installing SP3

A friend of mine brought his computer to my repair shop. His problem was his computer was continuously rebooting after installing Windows XP Service Pack 3. The computer will start to reboot then give a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death)  Stop Error for a second and reboot again. Booting normally  is impossible unless you do it on Safe Mode. This ... Read More »

How to disable Windows XP/Vista System Tray

Are you the type of person that don’t use the applications located on the system tray? Some people never use the applications hanging on their system tray but most people like me use it a lot. I don’t want applications to clutter my taskbar so I let them resides on my system tray. But if you don’t find the system ... Read More »

How to fix “Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”

One of my reader just emailed me and he wants to remove the virus from his computer manually but his problem was he cannot open his registry editor it say’s that “Registry Editing Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator”. This type of problem usually also happens to me when I am working on a virus, trojan or spyware infected computer. ... Read More »

How to remove W32:Navidad (Navidad.Exe)

This Internet trojan spreads via email as an attachment (NAVIDAD.EXE). This worm also displays a message box upon execution and maps the opening of Windows executables so that it is executed instead of the executable that is called. This causes most Windows programs to not work. Ways to remove the Navidad Trojan The easiest way is to download Navidad Fix ... Read More »

Take Advantage of your Windows Shortcuts

Do you always use your mouse to launch a favorite program or accessing other programs functions? are you tired of doing it all the time? With the help of your keyboard, you can reduce a series of mouse clicks to a single keyboard shortcut, and – if you own a Microsoft keyboard – you’ll also be able to browse the ... Read More »