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How to Restrict Other Users Access To Your Applications

If you are sharing your computer with other people inside your home, then you might want to limit their access to your applications and files. Enabling restrictions can also increase your security and most importantly will save you from a lot of headaches. Windows 7 has a built-in tool called AppLocker that will enable you block or limit other users ... Read More »

How to Fix Windows Security Reporting Antivirus Programs

My friend recently uninstalled his two previous antivirus (McAfee and Norton). He said that after he completely uninstalled both AV’s, His Windows Security Center still reported that those programs are still installed on his machine. What I did first was to check if there is anything running on the background but could not find any traces of any of the ... Read More »

Bid At Your Own Risk

If you are fond of shopping and internet, then most probably you know the site Ebay. Ebay is actually the most popular marketplace on the internet. It is a place where both used and new can be found. It is a place where you can go shopping without even going to malls and department stores. Launched in 1995, ebay already ... Read More »

What A Good Browser Should Have

There are lots of available browsers out there. They all offers different features and functionalities. Most of them promises to be more secured and fast. It is now up to us users to determine the good browser against the bad browser. Below are some of the characteristics of a good browser. It must have a reliable security features to protect ... Read More »

How To Make A Good Password

This is a continuation on my previous post – “Protecting your account – Choosing the best Password”. This time a more complete and detailed on how you can choose the best password. There are many password advice out there. It is very much advisable to equip your self with their tips on how you can fully protect your account. Besides, ... Read More »

How to Disable Internet Explorer

Are you tired of using Internet Explorer? There are lots of reasons why you may want to disable Internet Explorer from your computer. Alternative browser specifically Mozilla are much faster, provides better security and has lots of great features such as addons and themes available that Internet Explorer users are dreaming to have. The easiest way to disable Internet Explorer ... Read More »

How to Remove Shutdown Button on Logon Screen

Having the shutdown button displayed on your Windows XP logon screen can be very inconvenient at times. Your kids or any people that are sharing your computer can accidentally turn off your computer and close all you programs. To prevent this from happening you can just easily disable the “Turn off computer” button. You can do this in two ways. ... Read More »

How to Add Encrypt/Decrypt to your Vista right Click Menu

The traditional way of encrypting/ decrypting a file or folder in vista is by right clicking the file – selecting properties – going into the general tab – clicking advanced then selecting Encrypt contents to secure data. Too much work right? here  a simple registry hack to make encrypting and decrypting much more easier by adding the encrypt/decrypt feature on ... Read More »

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox is my favorite browser. I got instantly hook  to Firefox when I first tried it. Firefox is incomparably faster than other browser, more secured, less bugs, lots of cool features, and easy to use. What I personally like about Firefox is the ability to tweak it’s settings for maximum performance and the hundreds of available add-ons, themes and plugins ... Read More »

Various Types of Email Scams

Email scams are getting quite more common. A lot of us believes that we are “smart” enough to distinguish fake schemes, but most of the time it is very difficult to see through them. The very best way to protect ourselves is to learn and understand all about the popular false tactics so we can detect them and we can ... Read More »