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What is The Diferrence Between Sleep and Hibernate

Did you ever ask yourself what is the difference between Sleep and Hibernate? Both commands appear to have the same function- they allow you to leave your computer, put it at rest, and come back  on exactly the same state as you left it without the needs to turn it off or to wait too long for it to self ... Read More »

Ten XP features that are cut down in Vista

If you are looking for some XP features that you can’t find in Vista well they are not totally gone they are just superseded by a newer feature. Here are the XP Items that are deprecated in Vista: Run Box / Command – It is now incorporated with Start Search,. Documents and Settings – Now changed to C:\users. Standby – ... Read More »

How to change Windows Vista Power Buttons to Shutdown

Ever wonder on how you can change Vista power buttons to easily shutdown your Vista machine? Look no more I will provide you the way to do that. By default the action for the power button located on the start menu of Windows Vista is sleep, However, not all people usually take their computer to sleep most of the time ... Read More »

How to enable missing Hibernate on Windows Vista

My friend bought a brand new PC and installed it with Microsoft Vista. When he used his new PC with it’s new operating system he is surprised that the Hibernate option that he always use when he still uses Windows XP is missing. I’ve explained to him that when you switch to using Vista you may experience the Hibernate option ... Read More »