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Tips to Grow Your Google Authorship

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Google solidified the fact that there are some web pages that hold more authority than the others. This ranking is based on web user’s satisfaction with regards to a certain topic. If before, web traffic was the main criteria for ranking higher, the emergence of social media has leveled the playing field between established and up-start web pages. However, the ... Read More »

How Safe Is Your Child From The Internet?

I used to own an internet cafe. And some of my customers are kids playing online games and some researching for projects or assignments. Sometimes, I wonder if they are safe using the internet… so I provide some restrictions in sites that they can visit. Nowadays, Almost each household now has a computer and has access on the Internet and ... Read More »

What is Downloading, Uploading, Installing and Uninstalling

Downloading, Uploading, Installing and Uninstalling are the most popular and most used word in the computer and cyber world. I know that most of us especially tech geeks and even intermediate users know the meaning of those terms. But there are users that are still confuse on many of the computer terms especially on those 4 terms. To enlighten the ... Read More »