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Why you have a slow Internet

It doesn’t matter what kind of Internet you have or how much you are  paying for the speed of your internet.  You might be using the slow as a turtle dial-up or the average DSL  and cable.  Surely, there would be times that your internet speed will slow down to an almost frustrating and laughable amount. This article aims to ... Read More »

Top 3 Best Free Antivirus Software

Installing antivirus software is a must software to protect your computer. Although there are many antivirus software all over the web which provides different levels of security protection from viruses, trojans, malwares and spywares I only trust and recommend these three antivirus software for your computer’s protection. These 3 will provide you and your precious machine the security you need. ... Read More »

Internet Explorer 7 problems

So you think that everything was going to be great and all will work fine when you upgraded to Internet Explorer 7and all your web browsing problem will be gone? but despite having the latest and stable version of Internet Explorer 7 problems still occurs, such as: Internet Explorer  temporarily hangs up while loading certain webpages such as those that ... Read More »

Be vigilant and a little paranoid – How to avoid keyloggers

Sometimes  protecting yourself is much more easier in real life than computer life. In the real world you just have to double or triple lock your house doors and windows to prevent any unauthorized persons from entering your home and steal all your valuables. With computers, it’s another story. Malicious programs has an ability to enter your system without your ... Read More »

Best Free Antispyware Programs

With the continuous development in E-commerce and online transaction trends, spyware programs are considered to be one of the biggest threat. Because of the rapid growth, different Anti-spyware are made and can already be found all over the internet…users just have to choose between free and with price. Of course we know the difference of free and paid. Basically free ... Read More »

lsass.exe a system file or a virus?

Virus and spywares are now disguising  to look like a windows system files. Thats also the reason why it is hard to locate a virus because they look like a system file. Tell me which of the following below is a spyware and a system file? Isass.exe lsass.exe Win32.exe Hey, wait a minute, the first two files are the same! ... Read More »