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How To Get a Detailed Power Efficiency Report

Do you have a laptop and you want to get more battery life out of it? Do you know that Windows 7 has hidden tool that can examine your laptop’s energy and will provide recommendation on how you can improve it. Well, now you know. Just follow the steps below to get your Power Efficiency Report. Click on Start Menu ... Read More »

How to Add “Open with Notepad” to the Context Menu on Windows 7

I always like having a  context menu option “Open with Notepad”, it allows me to quickly open up files, see it’s content and sometimes edit it. I find the Open with notepad very useful because the default method of opening unknown files always directs you to a list of known applications which is a pain to deal with. We will ... Read More »

Windows Vista Privacy Tweak

Windows Vista by default saves and displays all your recently opened files and programs on your start menu. The purpose of this is to make it easier for users to find a certain file or program. However, for privacy purposes especially when they share their computer to other people many users would prefer all those information to remain hidden. Follow ... Read More »

How to Enable Run Command on Windows Vista

Some of my blog readers and my friends are asking where they could find the run command window on their Vista machine that are visible and can easily access to from Microsoft OS version except for Vista. I told them that it is not necessary because the Vista start menu search has also the same function as run command. The ... Read More »

Give your XP or Vista Start Menu a new style

Are you getting bored on the usual start menu of your XP or Vista machine? Do you want to spice up and give your start menu a new style? well... here is small but great program that will give your miserable and boring start menu a new look and most of all you will have your start menu a makeover for Free.

What are you waiting for! replace your start menu today! Very easy to install, even beginners can stylize their start menu using this tool.

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Quick Shutdown

Ever want a quicker way to shutdown your computer without navigating through the start menu, or using a third party shutdown utility Here is a quick trick to do that. Right click the desktop and choose New Shortcut. Copy and paste this script or type it in. %windir%System32shutdown.exe -s -t 0 Choose Next and name it whatever you like. I ... Read More »