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How to Disable or Enable Your Task Manager

Disabling your Task Manager is sometimes necessary, especially if you are sharing your computer to other people or running a computer rental business. This will prevent any unnecessary changes on your system that can possibly harm your computer. There are two ways to disable or enable your task manager. One is by using the Group Policy Editor and second is ... Read More »

How to Remove Huelar.exe (mscvhost.exe, winlogos.exe) virus

One of my regular blog reader ask for some advice on how can he remove huelar virus. He said that the only way he knows to remove that pesky virus is to reformat the PC. He ask  if there is any possible and alternative way on removing this virus without the need to reformat the PC. Well my friend here ... Read More »

The easy way to Fix your Task Manager

One of my client called and he said that while he was comfortably surfing the net one of his programs just stops responding, of course most of us do when a certain programs just stop working or hangs the first thing that always comes to our mind to quickly end the suffering of that program is to end it using ... Read More »