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Various Corporate Internet Security Concerns

Large businesses and companies normally have a dedicated IT department which takes care of the security issues concerning their employee’s Internet use. Most security and network engineers make use of antivirus software and attachment filters on the email servers of the company to find any irregularities. The problem however is that, every time such safety measures are employed and are ... Read More »

Tips on How You Can Avoid Virus Infections

I guess you know that computer viruses are everywhere. This guide will help you and your computer avoid being infected by viruses. There are many ways to help you prevent being infected by viruses having a good and an updated anti-virus will not always save you but it is one of the best way to prevent it. Types of viruses ... Read More »

How to Change The Default Location For Installing Applications

When you install a certain software or game it normally installs them to the default location of installed programs which is C:\Program Files. Most application installer gives you the option to change the location where you will place the software, but some applications don’t give you the luxury to do that. You may want to change the program installer location ... Read More »

How to Remove Virus from USB Device

USB Drives has become very popular as data storage and also as a backup device mainly because of it’s versatility, flexibility and size. But USB devices are very prone to virus infection and virus use your USB device to infect your computer. The common viruses are Autorun.inf, New Folder.exe, Ravmon. Unfortunately most antivirus fails to detect and remove these type ... Read More »

Why you have a slow Internet

It doesn’t matter what kind of Internet you have or how much you are  paying for the speed of your internet.  You might be using the slow as a turtle dial-up or the average DSL  and cable.  Surely, there would be times that your internet speed will slow down to an almost frustrating and laughable amount. This article aims to ... Read More »

Defining Worms – Worms and viruses are not the same thing

There are lots of programs that can wreak havoc on your computer, those are viruses and worms. Are viruses and worms the same? believe it or not they are not the same thing. People are usually confused between these two types of computer problems. Don’t get confused, while these two problems are the same in many ways, worms and virus ... Read More »

Backup solution – How to change the location of My Documents folder

Take it from me loosing your important files such as your saved documents, pictures, and other data could be the worst thing that could happen to your computer life. Way back in college I experienced loosing all my saved documents that includes my projects that has to be passed two days after the tragedy, I don’t have a backup so ... Read More »

Best Free Antispyware Programs

With the continuous development in E-commerce and online transaction trends, spyware programs are considered to be one of the biggest threat. Because of the rapid growth, different Anti-spyware are made and can already be found all over the internet…users just have to choose between free and with price. Of course we know the difference of free and paid. Basically free ... Read More »

Dust Can Slow Down Your PC

Do you know that dusts are also one of the causes of PC slowdowns?. Dust can also cause more damage than just slowing down your PC. Dust can cause overheating of the electric components of your PC. When there is too much dust inside your PC, the components gets too hot easily that can lead to burn components or your ... Read More »

The Dangers of Instant Messaging

Almost everyone of us knows that technology made it to the point wherein its available for all. From a simple student up to the CEO of a well known company, both experienced the wonders of technology But just like any other thing, when there is good, there is bad. So when things seems to be so good, then expect the worse from it... Believe it or not, even the popular instant messaging services are now also vulnerable to any viruses, scammers and other attacks.

Since almost all of us has access to the internet, then be ready to have all sort of different viruses be your guest whether in your office or your home now that the popular form of communication is being used by virus writers to spread electronic worms and viruses.

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