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Amazing Fantasy Girls Wallpapers – Part 2

If you still cant get enough of the  amazing fantasy wallpapers I shared few days ago, I am here to share to you another set of wallpapers, that will surely rock your world—desktop I mean. Have fun and feel free to change your wallpapers whenever you like Read More »

Amazing Fantasy Girls Wallpapers – Part 1

Staring in front of your computer for hours can be a boring activity. It wont be too much if you will find ways to entertain yourself and kill boredom. You can help yourself by placing amazing fantasy wallpapers to give your desktop a brand new looks, anytime you want. So if you are wondering where to find these amazing fantasy ... Read More »

4 Computer Personalization Tips That You Probably Do Not Know

Almost every computer user out there knows a thing or two about computer personalization. There are so many ways to personalize one’s computer. Probably the most popular way to personalize a computer is to change the desktop background. Any person can change the default computer background to a landscape wallpaper if he wants to. Another way to personalize the computer ... Read More »

High Quality iPhone 5 Wallpapers

Nowadays, smartphones like iphone5 are not just a phone, they work more than that. The style, functions and features are unlimited and keep on improving from time to time including the looks. I have here a collection of high quality iPhone 5 wallpapers from different sources that can match your personality and mood. Read More »

High Quality Jeremy Lin Wallpapers

Jeremy Lin Wallpaper

Jeremy Lin is the new NBA sensation. He is one of the best things that happened to the shortened NBA 2011-2012 season. I am one of his “Linsane” fans since his breakout season.  Jeremy proved that hard work and dedication do pay off. He is such a fan darling and a marketing cash cow. That’s why I really don’t understand ... Read More »

Cool Android Widescreen Wallpapers

Getting bored and tired viewing the same computer wallpapers? Do have some fun changing your wallpapers today! It can make a lot difference *wink* If you’ve been looking for a widescreen wallpapers, you may like to try these cool android widescreen wallpapers that I am sharing here.   Click here for more wallpapers – Widescreen / HD Wallpapers Read More »

High Quality Fantasy Girls Wallpapers

Here are my latest digital art wallpapers and so far those are my favorites on my Digital Arts & 3D category. My personal favorite is the Mermaid. It’s so cool in the eye. More on this page. – Fantasy Girls Wallpapers Read More »

Awesome Avatar Movie Wallpapers

This is one of my favorite movie of 2009. The effects were simply amazing I really love the eye-popping visuals. The film is mind-blowing. I bet this is one of the best films of 2009. For all Avatar movie fans out there I have here some avatar movie wallpapers. Enjoy! Read More »

Hot and Cool Wallpapers

Here are some of my top wallpaper picks from DigiWallpaper. I have picked some of my favorite wallpapers from different categories. Enough of the talk here they are ^_^. Disclaimer:All images on this particular post are for entertainment and personal use only. I do not take credit on any of the images above. If you are the owner of any ... Read More »

DigiWallpaper.com – My Wallpaper Site

To all my friends, fellow bloggers, my blog readers, I am all inviting you to my recently launched wallpaper gallery. It is a gallery wherein users can also showcase and submit their wallpapers. All wallpaper submissions will be properly credited. If you submit other’s work please credit them to it’s respective authors. You can submit any wallpaper and place it ... Read More »