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How Wix and Weebly Become Top Free Hosting Companies

When it comes to setting up your first web site you have a lot options. First you will need to pick a domain name, setup a web hosting package then decide if you want to create an HTML site, eCommerce or go with a WordPress blog. The whole process can be quite overwhelming and also expensive if you are just ... Read More »

Benefits of Choosing a Free Hosting Company

When you first thing of web hosting you probably start to cringe at the thought of a monthly cost just so you can have a web site or blog of your own. Many of us feel the same way, but there is a much better solution out there for the average web site user. Instead of having to pay for ... Read More »

Domain Name Extensions And Their Purposes

Do you know that domain name extensions have meanings and purposes? Websites owners are not just using them because they sound good. Some domain name extensions are cheaper than the others. If you are planning to buy your own domain name for your business or personal use and want to use the appropriate domain name extension, then below are the ... Read More »