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How To Use Selective Startup

windows 7 msconfig

Do you ever feel bad that whenever you restart your PC or laptop, it takes a while for all the programs to load? Do you also notice that some programs load during the start-up even if you are not prompting it to? Do you notice unneeded programs running in the background? All of these Startup programs contribute in slowing down your ... Read More »

How To Install Windows 7 on a Virtual Hard Disk

Installing Windows 7 by using a virtual hard disk

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These days, with the virtual machine technology, quite few things have changed. Microsoft is a dedicated follower of this technology having products like Virtual server and Virtual PC. With the help of this technology, users can now install operating system. All they need is a Virtual Hard Disk. The only limitation of using virtual technology in this process is that ... Read More »

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

windows 7 tips

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Windows 7 – Tips & Tricks Windows 7 operating system works fine and has generated good critical acclaim since its launch. It has neat little interface that is both classy looking and simple to use. Still there are several tips and tricks that will make working with the OS quicker and easy to use. Here are some tips and tricks ... Read More »

How To Easily Remove Dual Boot Option

  A client of mine requested to remove the dual selection of his computer, disable Windows XP and only set Windows 7 to be the primary boot OS. I suggested that the best way is to do a clean install of Windows 7 or I can just modify his windows settings to remove the dual boot selection and set his ... Read More »

How to Add the Run Command in Windows 7 Start Menu

Previous versions of  Windows has the Run command at the start menu but in Windows 7 the Run command is hidden by default. I am one of the guys that uses the run command on a regular basis with the help of these list of Run Commands. Windows 7 introduces the start menu search but I still prefer using the ... Read More »

Windows 7 Run Commands

Run commands are executable words used to run or open a particular program. Knowing the run commands can be very helpful. It literally increases your productivity because it speeds up the way you access a certain program. Run commands are also a great help to open programs when Windows aren’t working properly . If you don’t see the Run Command ... Read More »

How To Enable Military Time in Windows 7

A Military time or a 24 hour clock is a concise method of expressing time used by the military and other services such as paramedics, police and other entities. Airplanes, trains, bus also use military time because it makes time references accurate. The purpose of using a military time is to avoid confusion between a.m. and p.m. A 24 hour clock ... Read More »

How To Prevent Themes From Changing Your Icons and Cursors in Windows 7

If you’re using Windows 7, then most probably you’ve been playing around with Windows 7 new Themes feature. You might also have noticed that the themes are changing your icons and mouse cursors. If you don’t want that to happen, here’s a simple tip you can follow to prevent it from happening First, Simply right-click anywhere on your desktop, click ... Read More »

How To Add Recycle Bin to the Windows 7 Taskbar

windows 7 create new shortcut

This simple tip will help you place the Recycle Bin on the Taskbar in Windows 7 for easy access. This is very useful if you are busy multi-tasking on your computer and want to quickly access your recycle bin. Easy way to add Recycle Bin to Windows 7 Taskbar First, right click anywhere on your desktop, click New then select ... Read More »

How to Minimize Windows Using Windows 7 Aero Shake

windows 7 aero shake

If you are like me who love to open and work simultaneously on different windows but don’t want to go through the annoying part of minimizing  other windows one by one, then this will do the trick. In previous Windows versions you have to minimize them one  by one… it’s a pain especially if you have tons of windows open. ... Read More »