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How To Disable and Remove Thumbs.db

disable thumbs db

What is Thumbs.db When you open your Windows Explorer or Open any of your images folder, I’m sure you have notice a small file inside those folders called thumbs.db. The main purpose of this file is to speed up the showing of thumbnails when you are viewing a folder in Thumbnail view. It stores thumbnails of graphics files, certain documents ... Read More »

How To Show Recycle Bin On Windows 7 Windows Explorer

I’ve been using Windows 7 for months now when I realized that the Recycle Bin that is usually present on Windows Explorer on previous of Windows is missing. I just found out about this when a friend ask about on how he can reveal the recycle bin on windows explorer, when he asked that I started experimenting, I found out ... Read More »

How to Protect the Privacy of your Explorer searches

Most computer users prefer to keep their privacy when they are using their computer, they don’t want other people that they share their computer to see what they are searching. If you share a PC and don’t want others to see what you’ve searched for, you can turn off the recent searches feature: 1. Click on your Start menu Search ... Read More »

How to Show all Drives in Windows Explorer

I’ve just got a call from a friend yesterday and he is seeking help about not seeing his memory card. At first he thought that his card was broken but when he inserted it on a different machine it showed. I’ve just told him that there is nothing wrong with his memory or his computer, It’s just that his system, ... Read More »

Windows 7 Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts primarily purpose is to enhanced our productivity plus it makes us looks cool to friends especially when we can perform uncommon shortcuts ^_^. Windows shortcuts is my part of daily life, I’m glad that Windows 7 implemented new shortcuts. Below is the list of Windows 7 shortcuts. Please hit the comments when you know any shortcuts that are ... Read More »

How to Display Hidden Files and Folders

This tip is for beginners only and for people that don’t know about this tip. I’ve been ask a lot of times on how they can see files or folders that are hidden. So here is a  quick tip on to show those windows hidden files. By default, windows hides important files to keep them from deleted or modified. Remember ... Read More »

A Great Application To Easily Fix Your Registry

When was the last time you experience using your computer perform at an optimal speed? I guess you miss those times when your computer are still running at light speed. Well, the main reason why your computer is now turtle slow is because you have problems with your registry. The registry is your computer’s Windows system’s heart and soul. It ... Read More »

How To Create A Textless Desktop Icon

I always love the idea of having a textless icon on my desktop. It just makes your desktop icon more cool just like what you see on the Dock in Apple’s Mac OSX. Having a textless icon will also make your desktop icons stand out. With a simple renaming trick you can do this effect on your Vista or XP ... Read More »

How to Reveal Vista Menu Bar in Windows Explorer

Have you ever wonder where did your Vista menu bar go? Well, it is not actually gone it is just hidden. Vista Menu Bar by default is made that way to have a more cleaner interface. If you want to show it you can just toggle it by pressing the ALT Key. Pressing the Alt key temporarily brings the Menu ... Read More »

How to easily select multiple files in windows vista without using the CTRL key

You may be already wondering right now how in the world are you gonna select multiple files without using the CTRL key or selecting all. The simple answer is using a checkbox. Checkbox? Does Vista have checkboxes to select items? The answer is Yes. It's there but it is disabled by default.

Let me show you how you can add checkboxes on every item on your Windows Vista.

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