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How To Easily Change Windows Registered Owner

Here is a very quick and easy guide on how you can change the Windows registered owner. I’m sure this trick will not be that useful for most windows users but it can be handy if you got a machine from somebody else and don’t want or don’t have the proper knowledge to perform windows installation. Open your registry editor ... Read More »

How to Play XP 3D Pinball in Windows Vista

Are you a Vista user who feels like degrading back to Windows XP because some of your favorite Windows XP games like 3D pinball are missing? if you miss the 3D Pinball and if you are really dying to play pinball without degrading to Windows XP… I have here a very simple way that will help Pinball make it through ... Read More »

How to recover lost administrator password

Last night when I was about to format a client’s PC I came across a situation wherein I needed to access the PC to recover valuable data, but the problem is I don’t have the administrator password to access the hard drive and my client also forgot his password. Another problem is I will not be able to change his ... Read More »