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How To Easily Change Windows Registered Owner

Here is a very quick and easy guide on how you can change the Windows registered owner. I’m sure this trick will not be that useful for most windows users but it can be handy if you got a machine from somebody else and don’t want or don’t have the proper knowledge to perform windows installation. Open your registry editor ... Read More »

A Great Application To Easily Fix Your Registry

When was the last time you experience using your computer perform at an optimal speed? I guess you miss those times when your computer are still running at light speed. Well, the main reason why your computer is now turtle slow is because you have problems with your registry. The registry is your computer’s Windows system’s heart and soul. It ... Read More »

Give your XP a Vista look – Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1

If you are one of those users that are still in windows XP and don’t want to upgrade or don’t have the machine power to run Vista this is the best way to somehow experience Windows Vista without overhauling your whole system to meet the high requirements of Windows Vista. Vista Transformation Pack 9 will give your Windows XP the ... Read More »