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How To fix “Cannot Open Drive With Double Click”

I have a friend who came to me because he was having a problem opening the Drive D: partition. Whenever he does,  a dialog box pop up with “Open with ” message. Basically, the problem is the computer cannot open drive with double click. This kind of problem is usually caused by virus that infects Windows XP system. This virus ... Read More »

How To Fix Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer Error

A friend of mine was trying to setup Windows XP on his machine. He inserted his Windows XP setup disk and goes the through the usual process of loading and installing drivers. But when he reached the welcome screen he was presented with a problem “Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer“. I explained to ... Read More »

How To Disable and Remove Thumbs.db

disable thumbs db

What is Thumbs.db When you open your Windows Explorer or Open any of your images folder, I’m sure you have notice a small file inside those folders called thumbs.db. The main purpose of this file is to speed up the showing of thumbnails when you are viewing a folder in Thumbnail view. It stores thumbnails of graphics files, certain documents ... Read More »

How To Easily Change Windows Registered Owner

Here is a very quick and easy guide on how you can change the Windows registered owner. I’m sure this trick will not be that useful for most windows users but it can be handy if you got a machine from somebody else and don’t want or don’t have the proper knowledge to perform windows installation. Open your registry editor ... Read More »

How to Show Labels on Taskbar Buttons

Some users find it difficult  to use the new taskbar of Windows 7 that only show icons. I encounter some users that are afraid to upgrade to Windows 7 or even downgrade to Windows XP because they are having a hard time with the interface. If you are one of those people that are hesitant or having a difficulty adjusting ... Read More »

How to Show Quick Launch in Windows 7

Ever wonder where did the quick launch go in Windows 7 and how you can access it it just like in previous versions of windows?. The Quick Launch bar is a customizable toolbar that lets you display the Windows desktop or start a program with a single click. You can add buttons to start your favorite programs. The Quick Launch ... Read More »

Make your XP run faster by disabling unneeded services

Did you know that you can still be able to squeeze out some more performance power just by simply disabling unneeded services on your Windows XP? Some people are asking me why am I still giving tips for Windows XP when there is Vista and the upcoming Windows 7, the quick answer is “I love XP” and there are still ... Read More »

How To Speed Up Disk Access by Disabling Windows XP Last Access Updating

Do you know that you can speed up disk access in Windows XP by simply disabling the Last Access Updating? Windows XP updates files with the last access update time when they are opened by any application. This feature for me is not entirely useful. Disabling this will not also affect any applications from running smoothly instead this will help ... Read More »

Quick Trick: How to Enable “No to All”

Sometimes when you are copying or moving files or folders, your Windows XP gives you only four options Yes, Yes to All, No, and Cancel. But what if you have hundreds of files to move, it would take a lifetime clicking the No button. Don’t you just wish you have the fifth option which is No to All? well, here ... Read More »

How to Fix “Internet Explorer cannot download filename from this particular webserver”

A client came to my shop asking why he can’t download any files on his computer using Internet Explorer. I check his computer and his browser, all web pages loaded fine, I can even check mails, I can pretty much do everything online. However, when I try to download a file I received a message stating “Internet Explorer cannot download ... Read More »