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How to Remove Worm MyMP3.vbs

MyMP3.vbs is a worm that spreads itself through USB devices. This worm usually infects Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003 machines. So I guess Vista machines are safe from this infection. This virus creates a folder icon named MyMP3.vbs. This worm sets itself to your autorun files so that it can spread easily. Unfortunately some antiviruses can’t remove ... Read More »

Defining Worms – Worms and viruses are not the same thing

There are lots of programs that can wreak havoc on your computer, those are viruses and worms. Are viruses and worms the same? believe it or not they are not the same thing. People are usually confused between these two types of computer problems. Don’t get confused, while these two problems are the same in many ways, worms and virus ... Read More »

How to remove FUN.XLS

This is another popular article of mine from my previous blog that I brought back. I brought back my some of my previous posts to continuously help computer users recover from a virus attack. What is FUN.XLS.EXE? This worm gets into your PC through other malwares dropping it. It usually infects removable drives. When this program is executed it drops ... Read More »

How to Remove MSBLAST.exe worm virus

While you are conveniently surfing suddenly a message appearstating that your PC will automaticallyturn off after a few seconds. Most of the people panic when they experience this kind of attack but this is cause by a virus namedMSBLAST.EXE. ButWhat is the MSBLAST.EXE worm, msblast.exe is also known as Blaster.A, LoveSan or Msblast.A. This worm infects computers via network connections. ... Read More »

How to Remove Happy99.exe (ska)

This type of worm are attached to newsgroups and e-mail messages as attachments and are usually known as Happy99.exe. Fortunately you will not get infected by this malicious program just by reading a mail. Just like any other virus this program needs to be executed to be able to infect your PC or spreads itself.  If you notice this on ... Read More »