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What is a Browser?

What is  a browser? Well, that is one of my top 10 most ask question, on top of my list is why is my internet slow. Most people knows how to open websites but little they know what application helps them do all their favorite stuff on the internet. Of course they know Firefox and Internet explorer is all they ... Read More »

How to find the IP Address of the Mail Sender in Yahoo! Mail

Do you want to know where you can locate the IP address of the mail sender in your Yahoo Mail? This is very much possible in your Yahoo Mail. When you receive a mail, you receive more than just a message, your mail comes with headers that gives important information including where the mail comes from and possibly the one ... Read More »

PCRemiX Beats Google and Yahoo on the #1 spot on Alexa

Yes you read it right, there is a new number 1 Site. PCRemiX now takes over Google and Yahoo. Pcremix is now the new #1 site according to Alexa 😀 While I was checking my site stats and keywords the other day I notice that my ranking on Alexa is at full-bar on Google page which means I rank #1, ... Read More »

How to know if your friend is invisible on Yahoo Messenger

This is a very simple trick to know if your friend or a certain user is on invisible mode without using  any Yahoo spy program. Some reasons why they chose to appear offline are they maybe too busy to talk to anyone, having a conversation to someone important, or just trying to ignore you 😀 . Follow this simple trick ... Read More »

How to recover your Hacked Yahoo! Account

January 1, 2009 almost became one of the worst day of my life because my 6 years old Yahoo! account got hacked, All my valuable personal mails, some important files, pictures, membership access, and lots of contacts are in my Yahoo account. The hacker even changed my zip code and deleted and changed my alternate emails so I will not ... Read More »