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Last night while I was comfortably lying on my bed another tech idea pops into my head, This time I think of a way to increase Technorati fans and improve Technorati ranking. This idea will primarily benefit new bloggers and Technorati members. This idea is very simple… you will just place a comment here with your Technorati favorite link. After you place your Technorati favorite link all you need to do is add all blogs above and below you as your favorite on Technorati and new participants will also do the same. Every new participants including me will also add you as their favorite. This is a win-win situation “I favorite you… You favorite me… They favorite you… I favorite all of you”.

There are some Technorati favorite exchange out there but most of them will only be added as a favorite by the author it means that you will only have 1 fan and some ask you to post a topic about the exchange but mine is different every commenter will add you as their favorite so you will have as many fans depending on the number of the participant of this exchange.

This exchange is open to anyone who owns a blog. As long as your blog is not full of spam or copyrighted material, you’re free to participate and this reciprocal favoriting is not against Technorati’s TOS so you don’t have to worry about being thrown out of Technorati.

This will run on the front page for a week so you may want to bookmark this post to check for updates and to favorite new participants .If you like my articles and to want get updated via rss you can subscribe hereAddThis Feed Button.

You can add me as your favorite by this linkAdd to Technorati Favorites

In including your favorite link please also include your technorati username. Comments on this blog are moderated so when your comment is approved your blog will be automatically added as my favorite.