Ten XP features that are cut down in Vista

If you are looking for some XP features that you can’t find in Vista well they are not totally gone they are just superseded by a newer feature.

Here are the XP Items that are deprecated in Vista:

  1. Run Box / Command – It is now incorporated with Start Search,.

  2. Documents and Settings – Now changed to C:\users.

  3. Standby – Replaced by a better ‘Sleep’ .

  4. Properties – replaced by Personalize.

  5. Log Off Confirmation.  Vista no longer asks for confirmation when you select ‘Log Off’, or even ‘Shutdown’ if you configure it.  The assumption is that we all know what we are doing and therefore don’t need another dialog box.

  6. Explorer Menu (File….Edit….View….Tools….Help)  – Just press the Alt key and menus will show up.

  7. Vista does not remember Explorer setting – Use View Menu —> Apply to all folders.

  8. Add or Remove Programs – Change to Program Features

  9. Ctrl Windows Key +f does not launch the regular Search, but Active Directory’s  ‘Find’.

  10. Boot.ini replaced by bcdedit. (Boot Configuration Data)