The Best NBA 2K14 Roster Editor For PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3

The long wait is over. The RED MC, which supports the PC Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of NBA 2K14, is now available!  And it doesn’t  came out ordinary,  it is equipped with cool features like the ability to edit draft class for PC, and XBOX 360 platforms, backup feature and skills boosts.

Just like other past versions, RED MC (formerly known as REDitor) offers version that allows you to edit basic roster file. Using a free roster editor you can only modify individual players from Roster Files. This version allows users only pay for what they want instead of charging for three different levels of licenses for editing, which is very useful and pocket friendly if you just want to edit certain tables.


Edit NBA 2k14 and 2K13 Files  – Allows you to open more types of save game files. These licenses are game and platform specific. You can use RED modding center on PC, XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 platforms. It supports .ROS, .FXG, .CMG,  .SMG, .PMG,  .RFG, .OFG files.

MyFriend Panel –  Enables MyFriend Panel for the specific game type (the license is only game specific, so, purchased for a particular game, it will be available for all the supported platforms).

easily edit players

Full Roster-  Full Roster Control license provides you with a variety of tools to work with files on a lower level, which allows even more customization. Currently only Stage 1 of the license is available, which includes such functionality as cloning, deleting and moving items inside files.

In-Game Text Editor Add-On –this license enables the In-Game Text Editor Add-On, which can be used to edit text, stored in english.iff, spanish.iff and other language files.

Modders interfaces – Gives you additional cool features that will surely help you modify files.

Modders Interface features:

auto backup

  • Open Multiple Files At Once
  • Row Filters
  • Dynamic Linkage
  • Global Editor
  • Auto BackUp
  • Recent Files Menu
  • Filter & View with MyFriend Panel

Whether you are a regular NBA 2k14 player or a professional NBA 2k14 modder , this is the right tool for you. With this tool you can easily modify almost all the games elements from players to staff, arenas, schedules, colleges, jersey and even headshapes.  Red MC does it all!

Red MC makes life of modder a lot easier and players much happier. Red mc really makes playing and modding NBA 2K 14 much more exciting.

With RED MC you can modify the following tables:

  • Players
  • Arenas
  • Teams
  • Colleges
  • Schedules
  • Staff
  • Playbooks
  • Player Stats
  • Team Stats
  • Name Parameters
  • Jerseys
  • Headshapes
  • Overriding Rotations
  • Records
  • Awards
  • Hall of Fame
  • Draft Projection
  • Trades
  • Old Coach Stats
  • Player Ratings
  • Matchups
  • Online TeamUp

Using RED MC, you can create your own  league like  Euro League,  PBA or even a fantasy league compose of super heroes, anime characters or even a roster composed of your neighbors, and even your dog can join your roster. That’s how great this tool is.

pba 2k14

I have tested RED MC, and it worked really well. No bugs and error. There is no reason why NBA 2K14 or XbOX 360 and even NBA 2K13 player  shouldn’t give it a try.  It’s just amazing. And what more, the owner is very supportive and really nice. So if you have questions, you won’t have a problem talking to him.

What are you waiting for? Get your  own copy of Red MC.