The Consequences of the improving technology

I think I have read about a hundreds of article of how technology improves our lives. But this time, i want to tackle about the consequences of the improving technology. From basketball court to NBA computer games, from snail mail to e-mail, from community organizations to chat room, from conference meeting to internet chat conference… No doubts that technology is taking over our lives and activities. Simplifying life in an advance method. These ongoing advances in the technological field have greatly improved our lives. No doubt about it. But the major drawback regarding this art is that it changes some people for the worse. ( Take note of my word some ) Some people misuse technology by letting it take control of them, using it to control others, and harming and interfering with nature itself. I’m talking about the hackers here… and those who invented the so called viruses. Too much of a good thing can turn out to be detrimental.

Technology itself is neither good nor bad. However, the people who use it are the culprits of whether technology has a positive or negative effect on individuals and the society. Basically, although technology is increasing and making our lives easier, we unconsciously become addicted to it. For example, generally in students today, almost everybody is using the internet for researches and projects. Nobody is visiting the library to do the research. We have become dependent and controlled by technology, which in turns makes us lazy and inferior to our own creation. The socializing skills has become more and more fixated on instant communication with the use of instant messengers and chat room. More and more, we are starting to live in a virtual world where anything can be done through technology.