The Difference Between Onsite and Offsite Storage

backupOnsite storage is a perodical or progressive storing of your critical data on local storage such as hard disks, dvds or CDs.  While offsite storage is the  storing of data on a remote server that is usually connected through internet. Although both methods are useful and can be used for the same purpose, but their vital differences matters in deciding which one is more appropriate to use and on which circumstances.

Onsite data is more affordable than offsite back up since you only have to purchase the storage media and some software license. Storing can be done even without internet. It doesn’t need third party server and all its bandwidth costs which is needed with offsite data back up. So if you have a huge data to back up, backing up with offsite storage will cost you a lot more.

Another thing is the performance. With onsite storage, it is faster compared to offsite back up system. Bear in mind that offsite uses internet and it is normal to encounter some network delay as well as connection problems.

At this point, you may think that there is no advantage using offsite back up system. Wait a minute… when it comes to Security, offsite beats the security onsite offers. There is no need to look for safe places where you can keep your original back up since it is already stored offsite, unlike with onsite wherein you have to be very careful with your back up. So even though in performance and cost onsite storage is in its advantage, if your data requires maximum security…offsite storage can provide it better than onsite with its encrypted data feature.

Now that you know the difference, you can weight things according to your needs. The side by side comparison of the pros and cons will help you make you make up your mind.