The easy way to Fix your Task Manager

One of my client called and he said that while he was comfortably surfing the net one of his programs just stops responding, of course most of us do when a certain programs just stop working or hangs the first thing that always comes to our mind to quickly end the suffering of that program is to end it using task manager. But when he hit CTRL+DEL a box pops out containing the message “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator“.

Why this message appear? – This error message appears due to restriction placed in the Windows Registry.

I did not change my registry settings besides I don’t know how to do that – Aside from manually editing the registry settings these error are usually cause by spywares and trojan. You can enable back your Task Manager by editing some registry settings.

How do I fix my registry I don’t have an idea and I’m too afraid to touch my registry settings? – For a normal user editing registry is not easy and a bit risky. Well here is the instant solution to your Task Manager problem. Download this small PC utility to enable your Task Manager.

Task Manager Fix is designed to enable disabled Task Manager. Download the FREE Task Manager Fix tool to quickly enable Task Manager. Handy windows system recovery tool to remove task manager restrictions and effective solution to the problem

task manager fix

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