The Effects of Having a Broken Laptop

If you recently had a broken laptop it is almost a priority to purchase a brand-new one, but finding the right one can be difficult especially if money is an issue. The best option is finding laptops under 400 that can do the job that is required without costing a large amount of money. The first thing that is required is to decide what kind of user you are. Depending on what you require your laptop to do will depend on what type of laptop to buy and what to look for in the laptop. There were generally four types of categories that allow User falls into a home user, the student, a business user, or a gamer. These four categories allow someone to decide the perfect laptop for them.

The first category that many people fall into is home user. Home users don’t usually require a very expensive laptop to meet their needs, but needed to be adequate enough to handle anything they throw at it. Generally home users don’t require a very advanced CPU in the amount of memory will usually be a basic 2 GB. Most amusing as we generally only surf the web, watches videos, and do word processing. A basic computer can be found for under 400 that will support their needs.

The second category that people fall into his student user. A students laptop usually requires a very portable but powerful machine. The screen size will be anywhere from 11 to 15 inches and will be able to handle word processing, web surfing, and maybe even a little graphics work while at the same time be a very affordable and sturdy.

The third category that people fall into his business user. Business users usually need it very slim but very powerful laptop that can run many processes at the same time and they fast Internet. Over last few years laptops have integrated Webcams and to their body and now business people can Web conference just about anywhere in the world. Something some business people need is the ability to have a mobile broadband connection for the laptop so that they can connect to the Internet anywhere they are without having to worry about finding a Wifi connection. This enables them to do their business on the go which allows them to save time and eventually make more money because they can work from just about anywhere.

The final category that people fall into his gamer. Gamers require a unique setup for the laptop and it usually costs a great deal of money to purchase a decent gaming laptop. The high-end gaming laptops can run a person over 3000 if they want the most modern technology can run the newest games on the market. The screens are generally 17 inches and since it is gaming laptop the battery life is generally not very good because of the extensive processing power that requires running the games.

Overall, choosing a laptop requires that a person knows what they need and what category they fall into all allow them to better decide how much they are going to have to spend and what they will be giving for their money.