The Fastest Processor – Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge?

fastest processor amd vs intel processor

Pick the fastest processor – AMD’s Bulldozer or Intel’s Sandy Bridge?

Names are strength aren’t they? Yes but these are the two hot topics in the processor industry today. Bulldozer is from AMD and Sandy Bridge is from Intel and they are fighting for the fastest processor.

Last week Intel launched the Sandy Bridge and its fast amazingly fast. It is the fastest processor right now in the market. AMD’s Bulldozer is due in this quarter but unfortunately the early results are not good as the sandy bridge but who knows AMD might pull a plug and produces a higher quality chip with many goodies in it. After the entire thing we tested earlier is the preview chip.

So what are these sandy bridge and bulldozer architecture? We certainly don’t want to go into detail but the thing every man can understand is that they are fast very fast enough to blow out the current processors by miles away. I think that’s enough to make your decision if you want the upgrade of your current system or not?

Fastest AMD processor as of today is the phenom x6 family which is very cheap too. AMD holds a value spot among the fastest processor market where Intel is unable to beat it from ages. Though Intel have their core I 7 processor families, which is very fast but way too expensive for a common man.

So a question arise what will be the future when the bulldozer and sandy bridge will collide with each other? It will be fantastic because we will get more choice in our buying decision and will get cheaper prizes because of the price war AMD always sets in the market. So if you are planning to upgrade your system I would suggest wait and watch because more IGP’s are coming from AMD and more mature sandy bridge processors are coming from Intel. So may be in 3-4 months it will be a war for them for the fastest processor and a lottery for us.