The Importance of UPS System for Computers

If the power goes out, computer equipment must keep running. Even home computers need the time to shut down properly. Damage to devices and data can occur when there is sudden power loss or fluctuation. UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supplies, provide power for devices in the event of a failure or other electrical problems. Millions of dollars worth of hardware and files are lost every year because of power problems that could have been avoided with proper UPS usage.

Proper sizing of the UPS unit is critical. Small UPS units are cheap, but they may not be able to supply enough power to keep your computer running long enough to properly shut down. Generally the more wattage that the UPS supports the longer time the computer can run when the power fails. You should also factor in the how much power your attached devices draw. Gaming computers and other systems with large power supplies will drain the UPS at an alarming rate, so make sure that the UPS supplies enough power. Information on power usage of computers is often found on the back, close to the power plug. If a monitor is protected, the wattage used by the monitor should also be added.

UPS units should also be chosen for the additional protection for other power events and not just power outages. Brownouts, when there is a drop in the power but not a complete failure, can cause your computer to run slower or cause files to become corrupted just as easily as a power failure can. Surges can be incredibly destructive to unprotected computers. Surges can occur naturally on the lines or may be the result of lightning. Many UPS units offer power conditioning. Power conditioning allows for the battery to take over during these electrical events. This allows the attached computers to continue to get a steady supply of power.

Maintenance is important for any UPS. Just like any other battery powered device, there is a chance that the UPS battery will become damaged due to constant draining and charging. If your UPS does not seem to be operating effectively then you may want to consider a UPS battery replacement. Keeping the battery in good repair ensures that attached computers are fully protected.

There are up-links available on most modern UPS units. This up-link takes the form of serial, UPS, Parallel or network connections. This allows software to monitor the condition of the power and the battery. This software is the best indicator of potential problems with the UPS. This software can also be used to make sure that the computer is shut down in the event that power goes off. This “Smart” software helps to protect data and hardware effectively.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to recover data from a damaged drive, replace damaged boards or simply finding that data is lost. The danger that unconditioned power presents is very real. The UPS is the first line of defense against power fluctuations and failures. There are many varieties of UPS units available, but they all are designed to protect.

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