The Jolla Smartphone is now official, priced at $399

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jolla smartphoneHave you ever heard of the Jolla Smartphone? The device is now official and it is called Jolla as its official name which just sound so wonderful and simple. It is the first Jolla Smartphone and it has come in style.

This Jolla Smartphone has unique features that some of them are not common to other Smartphones that are already in the market. The device comes in different colours of green, light blue, orange and white and you will definitely be able to interchange the back covers of this Jolla Smartphone to have the colour of your choice.

When you change the back to a different colour, the Jolla Smartphone sailfish operating system automatically recognises the colours to adapt to the theme of the Ul to the colour of your choice at that time.

The unique features of the Jolla Smartphone

  • This Jolla Smartphone is actually running on the Sailfish operating system which is the company’s MeeGo-based system and it is officially confirmed that this Sailfish operating system support the Android apps as well.
  • The Jolla Smartphone is also well equipped with the 4.5 inch display which is perfect for the user for even images, documents and gaming if needed by the user.
  • The Jolla Smartphone is well packed with a 8 MP camera at the back which is just perfect for taking snaps or videos by the user
  • It is well equipped with an in-built memory storage of up to 16 GB as well as the microSD card slot for expanding the memory for storage of documents, videos, apps and anything else that the user may want to have stored in the memory.
  • This Jolla Smartphone is also equipped with a user replaceable battery made in a very special chassis design in such a way that the user can easily snap out half of the phone to give an access to the battery.

Joining the Jolla tribe for the Jolla Smartphone

The company came up with a video to promote membership and encourage others to join them even as they made official their first Jolla Smartphone which is simply called Jolla.

The hands-on video of Jolla Smartphone by Marc Dillon who is the co-founder of the Jolla Company actually urges the designers, developers and bloggers to join the Jolla tribe.

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