The Tiny Asus EEE Pink Laptop

Among pink laptops, one that stands out is the Asus EEE. Eee doesn’t mean the laptop is made to fit especially wide laps.  It’s short for the slogan:  “Easy to learn, work and play.”

The first you’ll notice about this pink netbook is how big it is.  Or, rather, how small it is.  These laptops come as large as 10 inches, but they also come in a seven-inch size which many people find appealing.

The first of this model was produced in 2007, a long time ago when talking about computer production, so Asus was ahead of the pack.  Relatively inexpensive, extremely portable, attractive laptops had barely been heard of back then.  It’s nice to look back and see that Asus continues to make improvements, even today.    Once, the operating system used in their netbook was Linux, and it contained solid-state drive.  Today, their laptop comes with a hard disc drive and a Windows OS option.

Another noticeable feature about the Asus EEE is how light this pink laptop is.  Hitting the scales at a mere two pounds, this is one of the most truly portable netbooks around.

There is one thing which might cause someone to hesitate when purchasing this product, though.  Those who use laptops a lot, business people on the go, college students, etc. , are used to having their computer live up to certain standards.  For example, in order to get a good picture on your screen, the usual acceptable screen resolution is 1024 x 768.  With the EEE’s seven-inch screen, the resolution is only 800 x 480 – usable but not wonderful.

Are you wondering about how long the battery will last?  According to reviews, the battery in the Asus EEE lasts about two and a half to three and a half hours away from a power source.  Not a terribly long time, but not bad for a second laptop.  And considering that this particular pink laptop is so easy to take everywhere, a power source should be pretty easy to find.

This is the bottom line:  if you are looking for an inexpensive pink laptop which can be used as a second machine, this is a great choice.  It has a webcam and speakers – small, of course, but serviceable – as well as a full keyboard.  The keyboard takes getting used to, but once you become accustomed to using things like a mini-touchpad, things get easier.