The USB Port – An Electronic Savior Is Born!

If you probably do not know what the common term USB stands for, you may not appreciate the invention as a whole. The people who have seen both sides of the computer age can appreciate this new invention, as it has revolutionized hardware and peripheral connection to a PC. The Universal Serial Bus transmits information from any kind of hardware source through to the CPU of the computer or the device that has such a connector. Today, almost all the electronics that have a CPU and are sizeable enough to accommodate one will come with such a USB port option. Therefore, it is now possible to use one single port type to attach your mouse, your keyboard, the printer and a number of other peripherals to your computer.

This invention has made interlinking and communication so easy. The USB connectors have evolved from such channels as the Universal serial buses, which used serial ports as the connecting channels from any hardware to the bus. Some of the changes that have seen because of this revolution include:

1. The ability to connect printers through a high-speed channel

In the past, these printers would have a parallel port, which had specifically one channel through to the computer. If this channel would be damaged, printing would not take place.

2. The ability to include high-speed external storage to our systems

These would also come with external parallel ports, which would fail to transmit most of the time, and would be very slow in doing these kinds of transmissions.

3. Inclusion and faster access to networks through modems

Modems earlier on would use serial ports, as did some versions of printers and other devices like PDAs and some digital cameras. Any normal PC at the time would only have room for two of these ports. Well, meaning that if you would want to simultaneously use two or more devices on your PC, it would prove difficult. Even if this would happen, the whole process would be painfully slow.

4. Exclusion of card usage

Cards were the only faster way of transmitting data from one source to the other. However, this proved to be a tedious task as you would have to open the PCs case and fix the card inside its holder.

5. Introduction of USB charging options

We have also seen the development of USB charger for our phones and other smaller devices, which are now being used more often, as they prove to be far more convenient than normal socket chargers.

As you can see, we can all thank whoever saved the day through introducing USBs!