Tips in Cleaning your Laptop

Yesterday I created an article on how dust affects the performance of your PC. Like any ordinary PC, dust also affects the performance of laptops however cleaning a laptop is not  easy compared to regular desktop. It requires a little bit of disassembling skills and following a lot of safety precautions because laptops are more complex unlike desktop computers.

Here are the guides on how you can effectively and safely clean your laptop.

  • You can use a damp cotton that has been damped with water in cleaning the outer part or the exterior portion of your laptop. Do not use any household cleaning solutions in cleaning the exterior part of the laptop use rubbing alcohol instead in removing any substance that cannot be cleaned with water.
  • Dusts prevents air from getting in and out of the laptop. This is not good because it can cause overheating. You can remove any dust, dirt, hair, or other substances using compressed air or using a cotton swab. If you are going to use compressed air to clean the fans it is a good idea to first place a small object in between the fan blades to prevent it from over spinning that can damage the fan.
  • Unlike desktop keyboards, laptop keyboard keys cannot be removed. Therefore i suggest  to clean it using a damp cloth. You can also used compressed air to spray any dust, dirt, or hair from in-between the keys. You can also use a small vacuum to suck and remove any dirt and dust.
  • Cleaning the touchpad is also important. You can use a damp cloth cloth to clean the touchpad surface. Cleaning your laptop’s touchpad will help improve the responsiveness of the touchpad.
  • Dirt, dust, and finger prints can cause the computer screen of your laptop to be difficult to read and of course it doesn’t look good. Cleaning Laptop screen requires special cleaning procedures because unlike any CRT monitors laptop screen is not made of glass. In cleaning the LCD do not spray any cleaning liquids directly onto the screen. Do not also use paper towel as it may scratch your LCD screen.  Use soft cotton in cleaning the LCD. You can apply rubbing alcohol to the cloth and wipe the screen with the damp cloth if there are substances that cannot be removed by a cotton.

Different laptops also has different ways of disassembling it. If you still experience frequent slowdowns and overheating after cleaning the inside and outside portion of your laptop I suggest it to bring your laptop to an authorized repair center to check and provide the most suitable solutions.