Tips to Grow Your Google Authorship

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GooglePlusGoogle solidified the fact that there are some web pages that hold more authority than the others. This ranking is based on web user’s satisfaction with regards to a certain topic. If before, web traffic was the main criteria for ranking higher, the emergence of social media has leveled the playing field between established and up-start web pages. However, the search engine puts a premium to writers that are perceived as experts in a certain field.

Therefore, here are some tips to grow your Google authorship:

1) Increase your Google+ audience

Google has an Author Rank algorithm that gives a higher ranking to writers that have a bigger following. Therefore, the Google+ profile is a highly quantifiable benchmark of an author’s clout. Essentially, the goal is to increase the amount of followers, re-shares and +1 recommendations. Thus, regular updates, sharing content, building relationships, joining online communities and dishing out comments will get the job done.

2) Use Google+ Circles to target audiences

Social media users can be tapped to increase traffic into a website. Therefore, the circles function of Google+ can help break down audiences into smaller specialized groups based on their interests. This is the platform’s advantage over Facebook or Twitter which shares posts to all audiences. The impact of the material can be amplified if it is shared in the right circle. However, creating too many circles can cause audience consolidation problems in the future.

3) Make use of Google+ Hangouts

When compiling the tips to grow your Google authorship, the Hangouts feature will come in handy. In this video chat platform, an author can communicate for up to ten fans at once and it serves as a breeding ground for a healthy conversation among people with the same passion. Meanwhile, Hangouts on Air adds the capability of broadcasting a live video session to a certain audience.

4) Content is currency

Just like money, Google+ posts can be treated as an investment to grow one’s authorship. To lengthen the life of the content, you must look for the most searched topic in relation to your website. Then, create write-ups that revolve around this subject and post them in your website. The topics must be transcendental so that its relevance will not expire. When the traffic for the content has waned down, post its link on Google+ for a second wind. Unrelated posts may confuse Google’s algorithm on what your blog really is about.

5) Update your posts regularly

In a span of days or months, your mood may change. What you like then can be part of your hate list in the future. Likewise, more meat can be added to your incomplete posts. Thus, placing simple updates in unlimited posts makes the content fresh. Placing asterisks for statements in bold letters or strike throughs for deleted statements can also add emotion to your views.

6) Connect to a community

Google+ places a premium on websites that get more authentic comments and link wheels. To strengthen this approach, it is widely advised in the tips to grow your Google authorship that you must create a community and place links of your posts here. This will help you know what the audience feels first-hand in order to make improvements.

Make the most out of your Google+ account and authorship by following these quick tips. It’s only a matter of time before authorship and your social networking pages become more important than ever.

About the author: This article was written by Chris, who also specializes in tech, social media and cloud based web hosting.