Top Reasons of Popularity of Windows 8 Since its Launch

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windows 8 logoWindows 8 has become the hot topic of discussion nowadays since its launch in October’12. Windows 8 has been found friendly for not only desktops and laptops it has been doing wonders in hybrids and tablets as well. With the understanding Windows has become easier and simpler. Windows 8 is a complete package of advanced and high-end technologies. There are several reasons behind the popularity of Windows 8 some of them are tagged below.

Touch enabled

Windows 8 has gained popularity as it is touch enabled. This feature of Windows 8 pre-backed apps with Modern UI with mouse and keyboard/ track pad.

Dirt Cheap

As per the Microsoft’s standard Windows 8 is found dirt cheap when compared to any other operating system.

Less Confusing

Handling Windows 8 is easy as it is less confusing. Windows 8 is found to be straight forward for the PC users.

Boot times are quick

The boot time in Windows 8 is quicker than any other operating system from Microsoft.


When Windows 8 is compared with Windows 8 it has been found that Windows 8 is faster which is quite obvious.

Better life is better

The better life of laptops and desktops with Windows 8 as their operating system has considerably good battery life.

Great Appearance

The appearance of Windows 8 is graceful cleaner and simpler.

Pretty Good Internet explorer

The internet explorer 10 in Windows 8 is simple as well as slick. The Flip Ahead, a new feature in IE, has made it appropriate with Windows 8.

Improved Data recovery and security

Windows 8 offers better security to the data and information.

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