Toshiba Tecra M 11 – Security, Durability and Performance

Security, durability and performance are offered in another small laptop from Toshiba.  Its good looks are preserved by a textured finish which does not show fingerprints.  Toshiba engineered the Tecra M 11 is a portable business computer.  A goal in which Toshiba was successful.  The Toshiba Tecra M 11 derives its performance from the Intel Core family of processors.

A variety of very useful ports are available.  Your smart phone or other like devices can be charged even when the computer is off by connecting them through the sleep and charge USB port.  By connecting through the eSATA port, 5 times the performance can be gained by an external hard drive over connecting through a conventional USB port.

The M11 has a striking 14 inch display.  The display is widescreen, anti-glare, and a backlit, high-definition LED.  Presentations are brought to spectacular life when viewed on this screen.  Using less power than a traditional display is another plus.

EPEAT Gold status assures buyers of the eco-conscious credentials of the Toshiba Tecra line of small laptops.  Gold status is awarded to electronics that comply with standards of building, materials, and packaging that are eco-friendly. This is just one more reason that Toshiba is the best laptop brand.

Toshiba values security in its business laptops.  This laptop has a fingerprint reader, and multilevel passwords to enable administrators and users to protect their files and folders. A Trusted Platform Module allows high-level encryption of files also. CompuTrace is available as an option to help find your computer in the event of a theft. To help you avoid theft in the first place. There is an audible alarm will sound if the laptop is picked up, which can be activated by using a hotkey combination. It is protected from accidental spills by an element of EasyGuard which gives you time to shut down the computer safely without losses of files or folders if there’s a spill on the keyboard.

If you have need of a small laptop for business which will give you performance, reliability and security at a great price, then you really need to take a look at the Toshiba Tecra M11.