Various Corporate Internet Security Concerns

vauzoLarge businesses and companies normally have a dedicated IT department which takes care of the security issues concerning their employee’s Internet use. Most security and network engineers make use of antivirus software and attachment filters on the email servers of the company to find any irregularities. The problem however is that, every time such safety measures are employed and are supposed to be maintaining the network all secure, some other channels (e.g. USB, wireless devices, etc.) are used to bring data in the system. Although some risks connected with such channels can be eliminated using the same approach of content filtering or firewall, others are just harder to handle not unless employees are restricted from using the channels which are believed to place the network of the company at risk.

Many administrators are trying to steer clear of such dilemma by making their network wireless. However, many wireless networks are deemed unsafe, in fact, even those utilizing WEP encryption. This is actually the major security problem associated with wireless networks. Network administrators and engineers using wireless devices must hence employ the layered tactic that entails policies as well as prevention of invasions. If this is made in order to harmoniously work with antivirus software and firewalls, then a considerable degree of security can be obtained.

But then again, network administrators and engineers will now need to transfer their attention on another corporate Internet safety risk factor in which the antivirus and firewall and layered tactic combination does not cover, and that is remote access. One way in order to tackle this problem concerning remote access is through the use of applications and tools which enable the server to determine if a computer that is attempting to gain access to it is actually safe or not.

A lot of corporations are faced with the problem of enabling networks and users to communicate with their very own network for productivity’s sake and restricting such connections altogether. Of course, total banning is just not possible since it could greatly hinder or limit development in the company. The Internet and the makeup of networking alone are actually in non-cooperation with the optimum degree of safety which may be utilized against it. Therefore, it fundamentally lies on the people to remain constantly vigilant when it comes to practicing safety measure for the benefit of keeping the integrity and efficiency of their network as well as computers.

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