Webmaster Tools: How It Can Help Us

Internet is a public area where you can find almost everything. This is not a secret to us; in fact if you are searching for anything, Internet is the best place to find it. With millions of users, site owners, and online companies all over the world, the question is this: how can you check websites information when you need to? Is there any way you can check or trace?
There are times when we need to make background check of a website or company, and finding the IP address, location, owners or page rank of a website can be really useful. You may be a developer or a webmaster who needs to contact the site owner to offer your service, or a competitor who wants to check the page rank of a competitor’s website, or just a prospective client who is making your homework of background checking. There may be different reasons and needs but unfortunately, information such as those is normally not available in their website. Website owners do not usually post information that are not related to their services. Why on earth would they do that in the first place?
Luckily, you don’t need to hire a private investigator to investigate or get all the information for you. You can check it yourself by using tools that will gather all the available information that you need.
Whether you are a network admin, a webmaster, regular user or web professionals, if you need to investigate a website for any reason, you can use webmaster tools that will allow you to check IP address, geographical maps, backbone providers or pings and traceroutes of that website. And the good part is, it works discreetly. It won’t send any information or query to the website owner, allowing you to check the records that you need peacefully.