What A Good Browser Should Have

There are lots of available browsers out there. They all offers different features and functionalities. Most of them promises to be more secured and fast. It is now up to us users to determine the good browser against the bad browser.


Below are some of the characteristics of a good browser.

It must have a reliable security features to protect users from any online threats.

The infamous Internet Explorer from Microsoft integrated to their browser a dangerous feature called “active x” back in 1996. This feature allows the execution of softwares inside IE. Although Microsoft gave themselves a huge advantage against their counterparts, it opened doors to malwares and other malicious programs to be able to execute inside the browser, it also give a terrible opportunity for hackers and crackers all over the world to easilty exploit even the smallest bug in the program to run their own software within the browser. This poses a big threath to users because what you type will be seen by a dangerous cracker.

It must be Free.

This would not be a problem because all browsers now are free of charge. It will be very difficult for someone or a company to charge for this kind of software even plugins and addons are free.

Ability to respond quickly any problem.

For me, open source browser community provides a more quicker respond to any security alert or any software bugs than any company. Those community are devoted to keep their preffered browser free of any bugs or errors. They work for the sake of helping people to be more secure in teh Internet.

Must offer additional functionality.

Some browsers like Internet Explorer were not carefully planned. This makes it very difficult to add new festures because it will definitely hurt the design of the software. It’s like building a house with no proper planning, in this case you will have a very hard time to put a bathroom where there is a corridor now. This is what exactly is happenning to Internet Explorer.

Should provide updates often.

No software are perfect but to be able to fix those errors software company must be able to provide an update not just to fix those problems but also to add useful features. When was the last time your preferred browser gives you an update?

Help users correct mistakes.

Browsers should have a user correcting feature like a spell checker to help users fix mistype words. This is very essential especially for those people who are always in a hurry and are typing a email message, blog or making an website entry.

Includes a search bar.

Who doesn’t search? almost %100 of the internet users search for anything on the internet so a search bar is very important to any browser. Good search bars should also have the ability to anticipate your needs and being able to make any useful suggestions.

Ability to block pop-ups.

Pop-up blockers somehow gives users a peace of mind and save them from those annoying popping and flashing advertisements. A good browser should have the ability to effectively block those irritating ads. With a reliable pop-up blocker your search engine can quickly give you uncluttered web sites with no pop-ups.

Restore Session Feature.

I know most of us don’t want to start over at the beginning so a restore session is a must have feature. This is very handy in case your computer suddenly crashes and automatically closes your browser or reboots your machine. This feature saves or remembers what website you are currently working on.