What is a UPS and Why Do We Need Them?

APCupsFirst, let me explain what is a UPS. UPS are battery backups, it stands for Uninterruptible power supply. UPS are typically used to protect computers and other other electrical equipments and appliances.

A UPS is a device that is connected between your main electricity supply and your Computer . UPS  has two main functions:

1. It filters the mains supply to remove spikes which can cause failures. Spikes can be a thousand volts or more that last for a small amount of time. These spikes can cause real damage to your computer.

2. It takes over your computer power supply when then main electricity fails or worse goes into a state known as a brown out. This is where the supply falls to an unacceptably low level and this may  cause your computer to crash and can lost or corrupted data.

Recently a friend of mine experienced a momentary power failure he complained that all of his work was lost. Those lost of work can be prevented by frequently saving your work. But Most people often forgot to do this. UPS can easily save from this happening again. I know that is a small issue to convince you to buy a UPS but what if that sudden power supply caused your computer to crash? and your computer’s main component motherboard, cpu ram got damaged? well, those are highly possible I experienced it myself back in the days I don’t know about UPS.

A momentary failure happened to me way years back and my motherboard failed, I did bought another motherboard which is doubled the price of a regular UPS. After that incident I never trust our power supply I bought a UPS and always advice on my friends and clients to invest on a UPS whenever they purchase a computer because that will enable them to save more in the long run.

If you ask me if UPS devices are expensive? the answer is No, A regular UPS only cause more or less a hundred dollars. Worth every penny when I hear the bleep, bleep, bleep.