What is Config.MSI? Is it safe to remove config.msi folder?

Just about this morning I receive a mail asking if he can delete the config.msi folder and if it’s safe to remove config.msi folder. The answer is yes, you can safely remove config.msi folder. But before we begin the procedure on deleting that folder let me first explain what is config.msi and where you can find it.

Config.msi is a hidden folder that is located on the root drive of Windows. During an installation it saves files with the extensions of .RBS and RBF. What is .RBS and RBF.? well.. they are rollback script files used by the installer to uninstall recent changes if an install fails somewhere along the way. These two files can reside on different drives. The .rbs files are always stored in Config.msi folder on the drive where the operating system is installed. The .rbf files are stored in the Config.msi folder located on the disk where the program that is being backed up currently resides.

Now lets go back on the question “Is it safe to remove CONFIG.MSI folder?”… yes, the CONFIG.MSI folder contains backups of files that are being installed or updated during a program installation. Upon a successful completion, this folder and files are deleted automatically. However, sometimes the installer program fails to remove these files. In this case, you may safely delete the CONFIG.MSI folder and files from your hard drive. How can I remove it?… below are the steps to remove config.msi folder.

1. Show Hidden Files and Folders

  • Open My Computer
  • Click on Tools, Folder Options
  • Click on the View tab
  • Under the Hidden Files and Folders section, select “Show Hidden Files and Folders”
  • Click Ok

2. Find CONFIG.MSI folder Using My Computer

  • Open My Computer
  • Double-click on Drive C or whatever drive Windows is installed on
  • Look for the CONFIG.MSI folder
  • Right-click on the CONFIG.MSI folder and choose Delete
  • Click Yes to confirm deletion of the folder and files
  • Close the My Computer window