What is SAP?

12-sap-products-for-small-enterprisesNew to SAP? This can be really helpful to you.
This  is an online course that  will  aid SAP beginners and IT managers who doesn’t have the leisure time to read  thousands of pages of documentations, but want to learn information about SAP in a couple of hours.
In this course you will learn the main information about the SAP AG Company, its history, the main products of SAP AG, and SAP ERP with a description of the main modules. There is also information about a typical SAP implementation project, its phases, a typical project team chart, the system landscape and the typical SAP support process.
This is an online course that you can take at the comfort of you r own home or office. It is like a presentation with drawings, pictures texts which help to convey the point easily.

SAP Modules include:

  • SAP AG Company
    • History
    • SAP AG now
  • SAP Products and architecture
    • SAP Main products
    • SAP NetWeaver
    • SAP SRM
    • SAP CRM
    • SAP PLM
    • SAP SCM
    • SAP products for midsize and small enterprises
    • SAP ERP modules & components
    • FI
    • CO
    • TRM
    • MM & WMS
    • SD
    • HCM (HR)
    • PS
    • IM
    • PP
    • PM
    • CS
    • QM
    • Other modules
    • Industry solutions
  • SAP Implementation process
    • Project phases:
      • Project preparation phase
      • Business blueprint
      • Realization
      • Final preparation
      • Going-live & support
    • Project team chart
    • SAP Landscape
    • Post-going-live support process

If you are interested, you can check for SAP full form