What You Need To Know About Keylogger

keyloggerWhat is Keylogger?

Just like in any other things, to be able to detect things and to know how to prevent it, you must be aware of how it works. Keylogger is a software program that tracks your online act and keyboard stroke. This software is used by thieves in accessing your accounts.

How does keylogger works?

You wont even notice that your computer slows down. Key logger works just like a thief in the night. It records your keyboard stroke and all the information you typed. Key loggers are usually used by the company to record their employees activities, or at home when parents want to monitor their kids computer activities. However, when key loggers are used by hackers, their intention is to manipulate your account and use it for their personal interest. This is extremely dangerous.

When another party accessed your account, all the information can be used without your actual consent. This can be dangerous, as that means they can transfer, purchase and transact on your behalf. Even worse, they can manipulate your whole account like websites, social accounts, etc. And for some, retrieving it can be very difficult.

What you need to know about keylogger

There are 2 types of keyloggers: The software-based keyloggers and the hardware based key. The software based keyloggers are software that are designed to work on the computer operating system while hardware-based keyloggers do not need software as they can be found at the hardware level of your computer system.

How To Protect Your Computer From Keylogger

Now that you know the risks of being a victim of keylogger, the next question is, is there a way to avoid it? The answer is yes!

You can opt for one of more of the following:Use Anti-keylogger software. This software works by detecting keyloggers on your computer.

  • Using live CD/USB. You can reboot your computer with teh use of live cd or usb ( USB must be write protected). Booting using a different operating system does not affect the use of hardware or BIOS based keylogger.
  • Using anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. It is important that you update them regularly.
  • Using robo-forms or any automatic form filler. This will lessen the needs for you to type details and passwords using the keyboard.
  • Use a firewall to help stop unauthorized computer activities.
  • Avoid opening email attachments from unknown source.
  • Avoid suing public computers in accessing your online accounts.
  • Run weekly scan to your computers.

Remember that there is no particular software or technique that will be 100% effective against all kinds of keyloggers. You can protect yourself  by being extra careful in opening websites and downloading applications. You are more protected from being keylogger victim when you know you have to be extra careful.