Why choose the Android tablet PCs right now?

Android tablet PCAndroid tablet PCs have started to be everywhere: from online stores to the local retail and computer market. They are advertized as the device of the future and as a way to take human interaction with the computer to the next level, but when talking from an objective point of view, why are they so good and why choose them over a netbook or laptop?

First of all, as many Android tablet pc reviews have shown, the first and most obvious advantage of this device over a netbook is the touchscreen.  From single touch to multi-touch, they offer a new and more interactive way of communicating with a gadget as one could express a command or a wish with the help of a single touch. Enlarge and zoom-in with just a pinch, delete and copy by dragging and games which take advantage of the tilt sensor as to be as realistic as possible are just some of the real advantages of these devices.

Second, which device can be regarded as being the best Android tablet pc on the market? With a lot of tablet reviews and comparisons stating that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best device to go for, one could easily conclude that the overall quality and specs of this device would result in a good buying choice, but there is more to this. As one will probably want a cheap Android tablet, looking on the market for other devices could prove to be a better choice than just heading out and buying the Galaxy Tab from the first store.

Moreover, the best tablet PC with Android could be one from a well-known brand when talking about performance, but the device which is a “best” is always the one which satisfies the needs of the buyer. It does not matter if the chosen device does not have the highest CPU frequency or a lot of memory, but what does matter is that the price-specs ratio is the best one possible.

To conclude, there are a lot of reasons to choosing an Android tablet PC over a netbook or a laptop: high battery life, clear screen with multi-touch technology and much more. Knowing firsthand what the device could be used for is a crucial step into determining if a tablet is better suited for satisfying the user’s needs and could end up with a buying decision which will not be regretted in the future.