Why Desktop Is Better Than Laptop

Desktop is better than laptop. Do you agree?

desktop better than laptop

If you’ve been reading my blog, most probably you have read my article 3 Reasons why you should choose laptop over desktop. To be fair, in this post I will tell you reasons why desktop is better than laptop.

Why desktop is better than laptop?

It will always be the question especially if you are thinking of selling your desktop to buy a laptop. Well you can have both, but sometimes we can’t have the best of both worlds. Choosing between laptop and desktop can be a tough decision. Who doesn’t want to have a laptop? 30-40% won’t raise their hands. Believe it or not, not all people dream of having a laptop. Some people still prefer desktop. Why? Well maybe they know all the disadvantages of laptops compared to desktop.

Desktop is better than laptop.

It’s true if you will consider the following reasons.  Laptop is portable. You can bring it with you wherever you go. It could have been better but the truth is it’s not as portable as it seem. It is true that you can bring your laptop wherever you go. But without an outlet, you only have a couple of hours to use your computer with a normal typing use. So, either you will bring with you a back up battery or you may consider looking for a place with an outlet.

Another downside of the laptop (and another reason why desktop is better than laptop) is the ergonomics because of its portability. Laptop is designed to be as portable as possible. But because of this, its miniature design becomes a bit uncomfortable especially if you will be using it for a longer period. While desktop on the other hand is build to ease the comfort of its users. The eye level design and the size of keyboard are created with the consideration of allowing proper position of hands, wrist, arms and back.

When it comes to reliability, laptop is more sensitive considering its smaller and more complicated components. Since the parts are smaller and more complicated, it requires more tedious work resulting to higher cost for repairs and upgrades.

Laptop is way much expensive compared to desktop considering similar specs. Their price gap is always between heaven and earth. If you give it a thought, it is reasonable because of the higher cost of laptop displays and miniaturized technology.

Last but not the least– laptop is very portable making it too vulnerable to thefts.  You have to make sure that your laptop is always secure. On the other hand, I wonder how you will take a whole desktop without being notice.

So there you go. There are some other reasons why desktop is better than laptop but I think these things are on top.