Why Static Electricity Can Kill Your PC

killing computerThere are electronics that are highly sensitive to static electricity; computers and laptops are one of them. Try rubbing a balloon in your hair and then stick it to the wall. You will notice that it will stick to the wall. This is due to the massive build up of charges around the rubbed part of the balloon, producing a high voltage.

This high voltage when put near any electronics, metal cases, and any conductor may cause spark called Electrostatic Discharge or ESD. You may notice some warnings in your electronics about their static sensitivity.

As a computer user and technician, I know about the risk and effect of static electricity on computers. I am here to share with you some tips that can help you save your computers from being damage because of static electricity.

First, we have to know the possible source of static electricity and how to prevent it from building up.

Carpets and Clothes

Most carpets and clothes have a natural proneness for building static charges. Most of the time, they are made of materials that is a poor conductors of electricity. These materials exchange charges when rubbed against another non-conducting materials.

So walking or accidentally rubbing on carpets can produce static electricity. And its not only the carpet that get charge, but yourself as well.And when you purposely or accidentally touch any wires or metals in your computer, you get a spark.

This doesn’t mean that you should throw away the carpets in your house or refrain from wearing clothes. But you have to keep your computers away from carpet area. Be sure to touch any other metal before you start using your computer.

Dry Ambient

A dry ambient is a perfect spark for static buildup. Try putting some plants inside the room to help humidify the room. You can also buy humidifier if you don’t want to put in plants.

Always remember that static electricity may sound simple but it can destroy your electronic appliances.

So make sure, you are static electricity free before touching your laptops and computers.