Why You Should Own An External Hard Drive

First lets start of by explaining what is a external hard drive. An external hard drive is a hard disk drive that has the same function with the one inside your computer and is placed outside the system unit. External hard drives can be purchased pre-made or buying a internal hard drive and and enclosure and make your own. External hard drives are versatile come in many sizes and are usually inexpensive and you can use them to perform various functions. Here are some reason why you should own a external hard drive.

First, you can use your external hard drive as a secondary drive and give you the needed room to expand in case you’ve outgrown your internal hard drive that are almost full with files and programs. Having a external hard drive will be the best choice or should I say your only choice if you want to expand but your desktop hard drive bays are full or you own a laptop which has only one hard drive bay.

Second, you can use your external hard drive as a shared storage drive. You can attach it to a PC, set permissions and share-ability, start saving, and sharing various files. Using an external hard drive in this manner will free up tons of valuable space on your computer’s local hard drive and most of all you’ll be able to share files with everyone in your home network..

Third, another possible use for your external hard drive is for saving important documents or as a back up drive that you can store in safe place. Having a back up drive will definitely save you tons of headaches in case the original documents got corrupted, deleted, theft or worse a disaster.

There you have it. Those are some possible uses for your external hard drive. If you have lots of files to save let’s say you have lots of mp3, videos, ebooks, software and games installers then you should get at least 500 GB hard drive. If you just have a few documents or you just need to backup a Word, Excel or a database file then a much smaller capacity will be sufficient.