Will the iPad Be the Best Tablet for Long?

The iPad – as the new kid in the block – has been met with mixed emotions. Some are skeptic while some are excited over its new set of features. At first there were some who thought it would just be an oversized iTouch, and because Apple kept the whole project under wraps for so long – many had no idea what to expect. Most of us knew though that the gadget would rock the electronic world with its appearance.

Amazon’s Kindle was the initial spark to start the planning for a hand held device that is larger than a cell phone. The Kindle was designed to only read ebooks, however it’s popularity was a surprise. After all, the technology was always there to read books on your computer, but not many people like to read like that. When Amazon put the capability into something that closer resembled a book – people seemed to love it. It wasn’t that far of a leap to take that premise and think about what else could be better used in this new kind of gizmo.

How about surfing the web, watching videos, playing games, email, and so on and so forth. It only makes sense that the public will see the usefulness of the iPad over time. When you add the Wifi or 3G capability, you can even Skype with loved ones or on a business conference call. Other applications like keeping medical records, business presentations, or even inventory information. All of these things will benefit from the iPads functionality and flexibility.

How long will the iPad reign in this new tablet generation? Only time will tell. The Android market has been quick to develop competitors – the new Samsung Galaxy is the best of those seen so far, but there will be many more in the future. Just as it has been Mac vs. the PC, you will see a lot of competitors willing to take on the challenge of dethroning the iPad. Even now, the iPad would not be considered to be one of the best ebook readers, and the Kindle is working it’s way to becoming a multi-functional tool. In the end, it will be the consumers who drive the development and choose the best of the best among the tablets.