Windows 8 Redefines Everything

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windows 8 logoMicrosoft has really stepped up to the plate with Windows 8. Windows 8 redefines everything you know about windows changing everything from input (going from traditional mouse and keyboard to touch screen) to look and layout. Microsoft has allowed Apple and Google to control the touch market, but now with the redesigned Windows 8 Microsoft plans to take some of that back. The newly designed Windows 8 was also designed for a new generation of Windows Apps.

The most obvious changes are apparent as soon as you power up the Windows 8 operating system. The boot process is extremely fast for a Windows system, no more starting your pc and going to get your coffee as you wait for it load. This super fast boot-up is the first thing you notice as you are barely able to see the redesigned Windows Logo before the new OS warmly greets you.

Purchasing Windows 8 can be done through a variety of methods. Windows users currently running XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 can purchase the upgrade to Windows 8 for $39.99. Microsoft offers an online installer so that users can check for compatibility and upgrade. When you are setting up Windows 8 you will see some familiar options to choose from. One of them is how you choose to log into a Windows 8 PC. A Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) is used to synchronize settings and allow you to store browser settings, appearance preferences, and other user settings across any Windows 8 PC that you choose to use. This we feel is an excellent addition to the Windows options, gone are the days of only having a single PC that is tailored to your preferences. Now any Windows 8 PC you choose is quickly and conveniently catered to your style. The same Microsoft ID will also grant access to SkyDrive, Xbox Music, and the Windows Store.

The start screen is the first thing you will experience after you log in. That’s right, no desktop and no start button… here is an article to bring back the start button on windows 8, just a screen with a field of constantly changing, colored tiles. The background and the colors can of course be customized to fit the user’s preferences. If you have a Microsoft account with an associated or Hotmail account then your contacts, calendar, and email will automatically be populated. The same is true if you have a Facebook account linked to your Microsoft account, then your Facebook will also appear in the People app and the associated tile. Automatically your start screen looks customized with your friends faces popping up on the People Live tile.

To navigate your way around the new Windows 8 platform is controversial. Swiping from the right will reveal the new Charms, five icons used to facilitate the most common tasks in Windows 8. These Charms also show information like network status, the time and date, and battery levels of the device. A share charm is used to share information from one app to another and the Settings charm is context-aware, making it one of the more confusing charms. You need to access settings charm in every app to make changes within that app. The Settings Charm also works for fast system-wide settings like volume, brightness, network, power, and notifications.

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