Windows Desktop Themes

Microsoft Corporation has rolled out the Windows 7 operating system which has come with a lot of themes for use on your desktop. Most of these themes are extremely appealing and you cannot fail to spot one that will suit your personal tastes and preferences. The application of these themes once you have selected one is extremely easy as all you have to do is to click away and there you have it. It is actually very easy to change the appearance as well as the feel of your existing windows desktop themes. Changes that you may have previously made to other themes can also be easily saved. Windows 7 operating system has some extremely exciting features which even enable features like the mouse, window chrome, desktop icons, sound schemes and desktop background each to have their own settings for color. The desktop slide show also comes with separate settings.

This operating system and its themes have a new interface for the control panel that comes with the option of customizing the themes to suit your taste and preferences. The themes can be quickly accessed via the personalize option that is found in the desktop menu. This route can also be used as a form of quick path or access to the downloads of windows 7 operating system where you will find loads and loads of themes directly from the parent website that is Microsoft. The operating system that is windows 7 come with theme pack files which encompass files with image files, mouse cursor, icons and sounds. Clicking on the file will have the windows desktop themes changed in accordance with the theme options.

There are some exquisite natural themes that include fields, snake, grass, nature, landscapes, scenes and other very enticing themes. There are also some sound schemes such as the savanna, cityscape, landscape, delta, festival, quirky, calligraphy, garden, afternoon, heritage and characters. It is also possible to adopt some of the themes found in windows 7 operating systems to fit with users of vista and XP operating system.

These themes are not compatible with vista and XP systems. All you have to do is to use the tweak option. This will create an illusion of a windows 7 theme on your vista or XP system. You will need to install 7 zip utility. This is what you will use to extract files from folders containing the windows 7 themes.