Your Computer Is Infected… And You Don’t Know It

confusedEarly in the internet days when your computer got infected by some virus it would immediately cause your computer to crash. Scammers today got much more smarter in creating and spreading their viruses and other malicious programs. They now realize that leaving their victim’s computer will be much more better to easily steal any important information from their victims. That is how they get your precious accounts, installing and running their viruses on your computer without you knowing it. In today’s technology, how do you know if your computer is infected and vulnerable to any attacks if your computer doesn’t crash?

Well, here are some signs to watch out for to know if your computer has been hijacked.

  • If you suddenly notice that your computer is going through periods of prolonged slowdowns then this maybe a case of malicious programs running on your computer. You will not be able to notice this because most of the time they are running in the background.
  • Your search gives you wrong results or you get forwarded to websites that you don’t have an intention of visiting.
  • Your computer starts to get annoying pop-ups. This is a usual problems normally caused by adwares on your computer.

Now that you know some signs, the question now is what is the best way to fix or heal an infected computer?. The very best thing to do is to have an updated and reliable antivirus. You can try different protection software if the one you are using is unable to find any infection on your machine.

Most of the users performs disk reformatting and operating system reinstallation if their antivirus can’t fix the problem. That would definitely help but make sure that when you create a backup your files are clean otherwise the infection will still come back to ruin your computing life.

You will never know what will happen to your computer once it gets infected, it’s just a bomb waiting to explode on your face. Some will send you unwanted ads others will take your data. There are some that will alter your search results and record every keystrokes you made this programs are called keyloggers. As technology grows so does the viruses released everyday that can harm your computer. You have to be diligent enough to be able to stay one step ahead of those scammers.

The next time you know that you computer is not performing the way it should be then immediately stop on what you are doing and scan your computer right away. Don’t give those hackers a chance to get what they want on your computer.